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Last update: September 9, 2022

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LFS Faculty/Staff Health and Safety precautions during exam time – November 30, 2022

LFS Student Health and Safety precautions during exam time – November 30, 2022

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BCCDC Post Secondary Guidance document – Sept 2, 2022

UBC Campus Rules

View the full UBC Campus Rules [Updated: January 25, 2022]

Public Health Guidance

Post-Secondary Public Health Guidance (September 2 2022)


For those who are able, we strongly recommend that all UBC community members get vaccinated before returning to campus. In BC, vaccines are available to everyone aged 5 and older, including incoming international students who can receive their vaccinations after arriving in Canada. You can learn more at https://immunizebc.ca.

Business Continuity Planning

Activities at UBC typically depend on specialized equipment, supplies, support services, and of course, highly skilled and knowledgeable people. In the event of a breakdown or disruption in any one of these elements, academic, research and operational activities could be impacted. As prolonged failures in some of these areas may cause risks to human life or significant harm to campus infrastructure and services, it’s important to make continuity plans to mitigate against the risk of this happening.

Planning resources can be found here

Events and Gatherings

No current restrictions for events and gatherings

Masks and Face Coverings
  • Masks are recommended in indoor public space
  • Public health orders do not require face coverings in public spaces, including post-secondary classrooms, student housing facilities, or work spaces. 
  • Students, faculty and staff working in health care settings may be required to wear a mask by their workplace.
  • More detailed information about types of masks and how to use them is available on the BCCDC website.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to be supportive of individual choices and requirements with respect to the wearing of masks.

Building Access

Building hours at Food Nutrition & Health and HR Macmillan are currently open from 7 am – 5:30 pm. Outside of these hours, the buildings remain closed to public, and can be accessed only by UBC Card readers. If after hour access is required please ensure you have adequate access programed on your card by visiting

If you have questions or would like further LFS specific information please contact: