LFS Office Use Request

Our faculty is preparing to enter into Stage 2 of Resumption and the official guiding document will be the LFS Parent Plan (general faculty plan approved August 17th 2020). The target date for the commencement of Stage 2 is September 1st 2020. Please note that during Stage 2, remote work is still highly encouraged but greater office access will be available to aid with furthering research and allowing for academic activities associated with term 1 remote teaching deliveries.

The main guidelines as we move into Stage 2 are:

  1. All users MUST adhere to the following mandatory rules:
  2. Regular office use request should be submitted to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca before Sept 4th, 2020. The email should detail your office room number, whether you are in a shared office, the reason for regular office access, as well as the specific day(s) you wish to access the office. You should wait for an OFFICIAL APPROVAL NOTICE prior to accessing the building. Anyone sending in a request to regularly access shared office should review the occupancy limit for offices in MCML/FNH.
  3. One-off office request should be submitted to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca no later than noon on the preceding Friday in order to allow time for the committee to consider the request. Anyone sending in a request to access shared office should review the occupancy limit for offices in MCML/FNH. You should wait for an OFFICIAL APPROVAL NOTICE prior to accessing the building.
  4. You may find updates on reoccupancy at LFS at https://lfs-my-2020.sites.olt.ubc.ca/operations/lfs-covid-19-reoccupancy-information/
  5. If you have any questions/concerns regarding Stage 2 resumption, please send an email to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca or submit anonymously via https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d0xslqMad9vS1iB.

Offices in LFS


Faculty wishing to use their individual office occasionally should submit their request to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca by noon on Friday of the preceding week, or better yet a regular schedule weekly.

Sessional Instructors, graduate students and staff

Sessional instructors, graduate students, and others who use shared offices will be encouraged to work remotely as much as possible. In circumstances where on-site work is required, users will be asked to check the shared office schedule on the LFS intranet to ensure the office will not be occupied, prior to submitting an official request to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca.

Administrative Staff

Any administrative staff wishing to work in office occasionally should submit a request to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca with cc to their supervisor. When regular entry is required, a schedule is preferred over one-off requests. For example, every Wednesday as opposed to differing days each week.

Teaching Preparation in LFS

Teaching and filming activities essential for preparing online delivery in the fall/winter terms should be considered as long as physical distancing can be maintained.

A proposed safety plan should be submitted to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca for approval by the LFS Research Resumption and Planning Committee.


On Thursday June 11, 2020, the Faculty received the news from VRPI and the UBC Executive that our Faculty Research Resumption plan has been formally approved. This is great news for the researchers, staff and students who have been patiently waiting for the chance to get back into the laboratories to resume or complete their research projects.

Requests for access to office space will be handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure occupancy levels are maintained and in place for faculty, staff and research personnel who cannot work at home or are essential to the operation and support of the faculty. For those whose need for access to on-campus resources extends only to the use of office space, we ask that you forward a request including schedule/room to lfs-restart@lists.ubc.ca

Conditional on the continuing favorable evolution of COVID-19 epidemiological data, and following guidance from BC Health Officials working with UBC leadership, the research resumption would progress to Phase 2, which would allow for the return of additional lab personnel falling in the “moderate” need category (see Section 4, Prioritization of Access, in the LFS Research Resumption Planning Document). PIs would be required to submit a revised Workspace Plan reflecting any new personnel and laboratory procedural changes for review and approval. Full details on Phase 2 will be released in the coming weeks.

  • Limit the use of common spaces
  • Limit unnecessary movement through the facilities

  • Due to the size of the washroom space, single occupancy measures will be in place
  • Must follow 30 second hand washing guide posted in all washrooms
  • Only washrooms close to your workspace are to be used

  • All meetings will be held online using tools such as Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Meeting rooms will be closed and/or repurposed until further notice.

  • Rooms which were normally open access to employees such as reception areas should
    be closed to only allow access from one point such as the front counter.
  • The front counter would have clear plastic shields such as those seen in retail stores.

  • Lunch rooms will be closed.
  • Designated eating areas will be assigned in both MCML and FNH.
    • MCML: Agora café (ground floor / south side)
    • FNH: 373 and adjoining deck space (3rd floor / NE corner)
  • Signage and space use guidelines will be posted in these areas.
  • Microwave ovens, kettles, etc. will be removed.
  • Seating will be limited to ensure a physical distancing of 2 meters can be accommodated.
  • Workers are encouraged to pack cold lunches or lunches in a thermos.
  • Normal standard operating procedures for Laboratory Chemical Safety, namely no beverages or food in laboratories would
    continue to apply.
  • It is encouraged to eat outside, or in a space that allows for proper social distancing and sanitation of the surfaces after eating.

  • Use the stairs when possible. The elevator should be used for those with large items that cannot be carried up the stairs or people unable to use the stairs for other reasons.
  • Only one person is permitted in the elevator at a time. If elevator is occupied, wait for the next opportunity allowing for single occupancy.

  • Only one person is allowed in the copy rooms at a time
  • In the event of multiple users, the second user must wait in the hallway until the space is vacant.