Faculty and Staff Business Cards Guidelines

Before placing a request for a business card order, please read over the following guidelines (as per UBC Supply Management):

Who Can Use Official UBC Stationery

Only full-time UBC Faculty and Staff are authorized to use the UBC stationery templates. Undergraduate and graduate students  are not permitted to use official UBC stationery.

How to Pay for UBC Stationery

A box of 250 business cards is $33.23, and a box of 500 is $49.47 (single-sided).

A departmental speedchart is required to place your order. The billing information will be uploaded to the UBC finance system and the invoice will be paid from the speedchart provided.

Note: You must have signing authority or have received authorization from the person with signing authority on the speedchart to order. The authorizer’s name must be included at the time of the order.

How Long Does It Take to Receive an Order

On average, expect to receive your order in 5 – 8 business days. Cards will be delivered to the Dean’s Office in the H.R. MacMillan building.

Note: If you require your order sooner, please specify so in your order request. Rush orders cost an additional $30.00 and will be delivered in 3 business days.

The Relationship Between Xerox Global Services (XGS) and Data Group

XGS has partnerships with preferred vendors, such as Data Group, and is responsible to UBC for the overall management of service, quality control and cost savings for all UBC stationery. XGS and Data Group are the only approved suppliers of UBC business cards and stationery; no other printer has been supplied with the authorized template.

Note: Business cards and stationery printed by other means are not official UBC stationery and the university will not approve the funds regardless of the funding source. This applies to the entire catalogue of stationery items.

Required Information

To place an order request for business cards, please email Eric Skalij (web-requests@landfood.ubc.ca) and include the following information:

  • First & Last Names
  • Credentials (Optional — Please use a comma between each credential. If all of your credentials and your name do not fit on the same line, credentials will automatically move to the second line)
  • Title (Up to two lines, maximum)
  • Faculty Name
  • Department (Optional)
  • Program, Group or Institute (Optional)
  • Office Address (Split over two lines)
  • Phone/Fax/Cell Numbers (Up to a maximum of 3 numbers)
  • Email, Website Addresses (Will appear on the same line)
  • Speedchart the order will be charged to