Departures and Resignations

Procedure for Resignations/Departures:

  1.  Faculty Member: Dean to talk to faculty member about what he/she would like in terms of recognition; Staff Member: Director of HR to talk to staff member or supervisor; Associate Deans, Directors and Program Directors: Dean’s office to organize a lunch
  2. Organize event (involve long term department people to lead)
  3. Faculty to contribute money toward catering (maximum $200)
  4. Individuals to contribute money toward gift
  5. If no celebration, then make alternate arrangements (ie. Collect money for gift, arrange lunch, etc.)

The Faculty may contribute funds or gifts to faculty or staff members that retire or leave their positions, according to their length of service:

  • 1-5 years – $50
  • 6 years – $60
  • 7 years – $70
  • Up to 30 years – $300