Office and Research Space

POLICY #LFS201 – Space

Policy Statement:

It is the intention of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems to provide space for full-time faculty members, full-time staff members, graduate students, Sessional Lecturers, academic Visitors, and Professors Emeriti who hold appointments with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Types of Space

Since space is at a premium, we must make every effort to use all space within the Faculty domain efficiently and effectively.  Following are the types of spaces available, followed by the needs to be met:

Office Space

  • Faculty space (single occupancy): Full-time faculty members.
  • Faculty space (double or shared occupancy):
    • Part-time faculty members
    • Sessional Lecturers
    • Academic Visitors
    • Professors Emeriti (active)
  • Staff Space: Applicable space will be assigned as availability permits.
  • Other Space (shared occupancy):
    • Research Associates
    • Postdoctoral Fellows
    • Ph.D. students
    • Masters students

Research SpaceProgram Directors, in consultation with the Dean, will decide on appropriate research space.

Note:  It is the responsibility of each person allotted space in the Faculty to ensure that all personal and work-related property be removed within 3 months of his/her appointment ending date.  After this period, any remaining property will be disposed of at the discretion of the FSC.


The Faculty Space Committee (FSC) is the mechanism by which all space decisions are made and implemented.  In the case of “difficult” or “contentious” decisions, the FSC will make a recommendation to the Faculty Core Team who in turn will make the final decision.

Faculty and staff members make space requests to the FSC by completing and submitting the Space Request Form (MCML | FNH) to the Chair of the FSC.  Space requests should be submitted at least 3 months in advance.


  1. Full-time Faculty Members: Each full-time faculty member shall be assigned one office.  In some cases where joint appointments exist or laboratories and main offices are in different buildings, exceptions may be made if space is available.
  2. Full-time Staff Members: Each full-time staff member shall be assigned office space as available.  If a staff member requires private space for confidentiality, it will be assigned as available.  [Note that meeting rooms are also available for booking confidential meetings if required (see under Faculty & Staff – Bookings).
  3. Graduate Students: Each graduate student registered in the Faculty shall be provided with a desk and chair, and access to the UBC computer network.
  4. Sessional Lecturers: Each Sessional Lecturer hired by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems will be offered shared work space for the term they are serving as a Sessional.  Access to the UBC computer network will be available.
  5. Academic Visitors: Each academic Visitor (Visiting Scholars, Scientists, Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors) will be assigned space similar to that provided to Sessional Lecturers.  There is no guarantee that space will be available for all visitors, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests.
  6. Professors Emeriti: Each Professor Emeritus will be offered a shared office space, if available, upon retirement, provided that he/she uses this office space at least 2 days per week throughout the year, and until such time that he/she no longer has graduate students, research projects or teaching assignments.