Pet Policy


This policy is being put in place to ensure a respectful environment within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems among faculty, staff and students in regard to bringing personal pets to work.


LFS faculty, staff, students and visitors who would like to bring a pet to work on a regular basis must complete an agreement form:  [download LFS Pet Policy Agreement]

In addition, the following stipulations are required by pet owners:

  • Signage indicating that your pet is in your office must be placed on your door
  • Permission is required from colleagues prior to bringing pet to shared office space
  • When outside of the office, the pet must be on a leash at all times
  • If there is a negative impact on operations or if safety is a concern, you will no longer be able to bring in your pet
  • Students and instructors cannot bring pets into classes
  • Approval of Program Director/Director is required
  • If you bring in your pet on ad hoc basis, please inform your Program Director and the Dean’s office in advance
  • Pet owners will be held responsible for any personal or property damage caused by their pet
  • This policy does not apply to service animals providing assistance to persons with disabilities and where the service animal is certified as a guide animal