Procedures for Repurchase of Work Computer

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to faculty and staff when work computer is retained for personal use after employee’s resignation or retirement.

Qualified computers:

  • Laptop, desktop or computer related devices were paid from University’s fund (including general operating, research, specific purposes and endowment funds).
  • The device must have been purchased and used for longer than three years before request for personal possession.
  • The option of repurchasing work computer for personal use is only open to resigned or retired faculty and staff members.
  • All UBC data must be cleared from the device by LFS Learning Centre before personal possession.

Employee’s responsibilities:

  • Find the original book value of the device acquired and the PG/Speed Chart where it was paid from.
  • Search for five quotes with current market price for the same brand and same model for the device acquired. (Quotes can be obtained from online sources like: eBay, Amazon, Craigslist etc.)
  • Trade in value is not considered as it doesn’t represent an equitable market price.
  • Bring all five quotes to LFS Learning Centre for IT professional’s assessment.
  • A personal cheque with an average amount of the five quotes should be submitted to LFS Finance along with all support document mentioned above.