Hiring Workers

What is the average monthly salary for LFS student workers?
Student pay rates (whether they are undergrad, masters or PhD students) are variable and entirely up to the PI’s discretion. $1,000 per month seems to be the minimum. Some PI’s pay more per month, depending on their budget.

What is the average hourly rate for LFS student research assistants (undergrads, masters and PhD students)?
We do not have an average hourly pay rate for undergrad, masters, PhD student workers. If the student is paid by the hour, the PI should bear in mind that BC’s minimum hourly rate is $15.65 effective June 1, 2022. Some PI’s choose to pay their students up to $20-30 per hour. Pay ranges from -$15.65-$18 for undergrads, $20-$24 for graduate students, but ultimately, it depends on the PI’s budget.

What does LFS HR need from the PI/supervisor to hire a new student worker?

  • Short description of the student’s job duties and responsibilities
  • Dates of employment
  • Grant/Worktag
  • Salary amount: paid a set monthly amount or paid by the hour?
  • Student’s name, email address, UBC student number
  • Student must have a valid Social Insurance Number (and study permit, if applicable)
  • Identify if student is an undergraduate, Master’s or PhD student
  • Mandatory training for all employees: http://rms.ubc.ca/training-and-general-education-courses/mandatory-training-for-all-ubc-workers/
  • If student is working in a lab space, inform student of mandatory lab training modules that must be completed before lab access is granted to student worker.

Can I hire a student who’s already graduated? Can I hire a student before they start at UBC?
We have a 3-month grace period for graduating students. You can hire the graduated student as a student worker within 3 months of their graduation/convocation date, or within 3 months of attending UBC (as long as they have a valid study permit and it doesn’t exclude them from working on campus). Beyond the 3-month mark, the student must be hired as a staff employee based upon UBC staff pay scales and job descriptions must be developed and approved by HR Compensation.

Are students entitled to vacation time?
No, students are not entitled to vacation time. However, students with paid appointments receive 4% vacation pay in their pay cheques.

What does LFS HR need from the PI/supervisor to hire a new staff employee?

What are the pay rates for Staff employees?
Please refer to the staff pay scales at http://www.hr.ubc.ca/compensation/salary-administration/salary-scales/

Do faculty and staff workers get vacation time and how much per year?
Faculty and Staff can refer to this link: http://www.hr.ubc.ca/wellbeing-benefits/benefits/details/vacation-leaves/vacation/

What is the vacation carryover allowed for Staff employees?
A maximum of 10 business days is allowed. Carrying over more than 10 days is permitted if you provide rationale in advance and have written consent from your supervisor. You must agree to use your excess vacation by either the end of January/February/March, depending on how excessive it is. For further discussion, please contact Mona Lee or Barbara Hsiao.

Benefits Cost Calculator for Employers
This form will allow you to determine the cost to your P/G of an employee's benefits and statutory deductions.

  • Step by Step instructions for Workday time entry/submission: https://ubc.service-now.com/selfservice?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0016799 (CWL login required).
  • Here are the 2022 hourly payroll deadlines for your reference.  It outlines the deadlines to submit your hours (and deadlines for your supervisor to approve hours).  UBC Payroll recommends that you make a habit of inputting your hours daily and hitting the “submit” button on a weekly basis.
  • Should you miss the short window to log/submit your hours, then please send Mona Lee a list of your work dates and work hours.  Then she (as Time Keeper) can log/submit them on your behalf so that your supervisor can approve them.  From there, UBC Payroll will process the approved hours and generate your pay cheque. You are paid twice a month on the 15th and 30th/31st.
  • If your hours are approved by your supervisor, but you do not get paid, please reach out to ServiceNow or Integrated Service Centre (ISC) for assistance.