Texture Analyzers Probes and Fixtures

The Faculty of Land and Food Systems have two texture analyzers. One is located at the Food, Nutrition and Health building in room 192; another is located at the H.R. MacMillan building in room 240. There are a variety of probes and fixtures that cater to different needs of research and below are the inventories that are available.

TA-2A: 90 degree cone, acrylic (1 in MCML 240)

TA-3: 1" dia. cyl., w. radius, acrylic, 35mm tall (2 in MCML 240)

Applications: Cake Firmess, Cinnamon Rolls Firmness, Hamburger Bun Firmness, Boba pearl firmness, resilience, compression, springback, toughness

TA-7*: Warner-Bartzler knife with guillotine block (1 in MCML 240)

*Please note the set we have does not seem to attach to the new TA-XT2 system.

TA-8: 1/4" dia ball, ss (1 in FNH 192; 2 in MCML 240)

Applications: Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, tablet cracking

TA-10: 1/2" dia. AOAC cyl., acrylic, 35mm tall (1 in FNH 192; 1 in MCML 240)

TA-11: 1" dia. AOAC cyl., acrylic, 35mm tall (1 in FNH 192)

Applications: Firmness, stiffness, thickness, relaxation ratio, stickiness, work of adhesion of yogurts

TA-23: 1/2" dia w/1/4" radius end, ss, 3" tall (1 in FNH 192)

TA-25: 2" dia. cyl., alum., 20mm tall (1 in FNH 192; 1 in MCML 240)

Applications: Bodywash shampoo hair gel consistency, thickness, adhesiveness; bread crumb and crust relaxation

TA-26: Cutting wire, bell lock (1 in FNH 192; 1 in MCML 240)

Applications: Firmness, hardness, smoothness of Antiperspirant Deodorants

TA-40: 4" dia. cyl., alum., 10mm tall (1 in MCML 240)

TA-42: Knife blade with 45o chisel end, bell lock (1 in FNH 192)

Applications: Cookie Hardness and brittleness; beef jerky firmness, toughness, flexibility, stiffness; Bologna cut test

TA-43: Knife blade 3mm thick flat end, bell lock (1 in MCML 240)

TA-43R: Knife blade 3mm thick rounded end, bell lock (1 in FNH 192)

TA-45: Incisor knife blade bell lock (1 in FNH 192; 1 in MCML 240)

TA-52: 2mm dia., 25mm long, ss (1 in FNH 192)

Applications: Bagel Puncture; Bouillon cubes penetration for hardness; Broccoli firmness

TA-55: 5mm dia., 35mm long, ss (1 in MCML 240)

TA-65: Multiple Puncture Rig, 13 tines (1 in FNH 192)

TA-71: Converter plug from M6 to M3 thread (1 in FNH 192; 1 in MCML 240)

TA-90: Heavy duty platform with aluminium plate (1 in FNH 192; 2 in MCML 240)

TA-92N: Three Point Bend Rig (1 in FNH 192)


TA-95: Adjustable Chuck (A similar part from the old texture analyzer with a variety of flat end probes) with a Jacobs K32 to tighten/loosen chuck

Probes available: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm (1 set in MCML 240)

TA-96: Double clamp set (1 in MCML 240)

TA-96B: Miniature tensile grips (1 in FNH 192; 1 in MCML 240)

TA-101: Crisp Chip/cracker Rig + ¼” rounded end probe (1 in MCML 240)

TA-108s5i: Indexable Film Extensibility Rig (1 in FNH 192)

Applications: Breath Strip Film Disintegration

TA-212: Magness Taylor Fruit set 5-16" + 7-16" dia. (1 in MCML 240)

A-MUC: SMS Mucoadhesive Rig (1 in FNH 192)

Heavy duty platform with aluminium plate, a hole in the center (2 in MCML 240)