LFS Mandatory Training

If you have completed your mandatory training, you may download the completion certificates at https://hse2.ubc.ca/custom_login/

Once you have obtained your training certificates, please visit the LFS Training Record Management System, login with your CWL and upload your training certificates.

*Please note that if you try to access the LFS Training Record Management System off campus, you must be connected via UBC VPN

A number of Mandatory Training are required for All UBC Workers and must be fulfilled in a timely fashion. These include:

and for supervisors, the additional requirement includes:

and for our Faculty, the site specific orientation is also required:

and for students, staff and faculty in a laboratory, the below is required:

and for people working at FNH

  • FNH Building/Lab Site Orientation is required. Please contact Peter Hoffman at Peter.Hoffman@ubc.ca to schedule for the orientation.

Other training are also available for specific research needs. They are included below for your reference. Please discuss with your supervisor which training is appropriate for your research needs.

Research Safety Training

Biosafety, Animal care and Ethics

Environmental Training