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Miscellaneous Farm Workers
Hourly Staff Workers

  • Step by Step instructions for Workday time entry/submission: (CWL login required).
  • Here are the 2022 hourly payroll deadlines for your reference.  It outlines the deadlines to submit your hours (and deadlines for your supervisor to approve hours).  UBC Payroll recommends that you make a habit of inputting your hours daily and hitting the “submit” button on a weekly basis.
  • Should you miss the short window to log/submit your hours, then please send Mona Lee a list of your work dates and work hours.  Then she (as Time Keeper) can log/submit them on your behalf so that your supervisor can approve them.  From there, UBC Payroll will process the approved hours and generate your pay cheque. You are paid twice a month on the 15th and 30th/31st.
  • If your hours are approved by your supervisor, but you do not get paid, please reach out to ServiceNow or Integrated Service Centre (ISC) for assistance.

Peer Review of Teaching

Please download the following documents for information on the Peer Review of Teaching in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC:


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