Operations Policies

Please ensure that the vehicles are returned to one of the three designated spots behind MacMillan. The LFS Departmental vehicles (Dodge Caravan, Ford Ranger and Prius) must be parked in stalls R273, R274 and R275 between the Macmillan and the Frank Forward Buildings (the spaces adjacent to the loading dock in the rear of Macmillan).

All other spots are assigned to different users and vehicles will be towed if in the incorrect spot. DO NOT park in the spaces reserved EOS vehicles, medical spots (M), or stall R276.  Note: Stall R276 is marked as LFS but is a reserved spot and departmental vehicles may NOT be parked here.

Note: The Chevy Colorado Pickup is parked at Totem Field and must be returned to the same location. A gate key is provided with the vehicle keys at time of pickup.


  1. All Vehicles owned by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems (LFS) must be booked through the on-line booking service.  Users must agree to the Terms and Conditions. Bookings are on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Bookings must be made in advance. Internal LFS faculty & staff are allowed block bookings for a maximum of 2 weeks. External users (any non-LFS faculty or staff) are allowed block bookings up to a maximum of 5 days in total.
  3. There must be a valid speedchart provided in order to book a vehicle. For external users and LFS students, a supervisor’s name is required to authorize use of the speedchart. If NO speedchart is provided, NO vehicle will be rented.
  4. Priority for vehicle use will be given to LFS faculty & staff. Accordingly, for bookings made on the same day, priority will be given to internal users over external users. Internal users are allowed to “bump” external bookings, given that a prior notice of 2 business days is provided with emergency reasons. Please notify Lewis Fausak (lewis.fausak@ubc.ca) who will evaluate the appropriateness of your reason.  If Lewis is unavailable, please notify Andy Jeffries (andy.jeffries@ubc.ca).
  5. Any person using a vehicle must have a valid Canadian or International driver’s license.
  6. Vehicle keys can be picked up from the finance department (MCML 254) between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm.  Please note that there is a 24 hour (working days only) turnaround time for request confirmation. Please do not take a vehicle without confirmation, as there may be a request ahead of yours that simply has not yet shown up on the booking page.
  7. Upon return of the vehicle, users must complete the Vehicle Use Form (provided in the key chain pocket). Keys, completed Vehicle Use Forms and original gas receipts must be returned to the LFS staff member responsible for vehicle bookings. If after hours, please return the key to the drop box outside of Room 254.

Acceptable Use:

  1. The Toyota Prius and Dodge Caravan are intended for use on paved roads only.  They are not to be used on unpaved roads or off-road.  The Ford Ranger can be used for travel on unpaved roads and is suitable for sampling.  The Chevy Colorado is generally used for short travel.
  2. Before leaving, complete a walk-around of the vehicle to note any damage or issues.  Photograph any issues prior to departing with the vehicle. Report these to the technician responsible (lewis.fausak@ubc.ca). Failure to submit information can result in charges for repairs or cleaning billed to your account.
  3. Before returning the vehicle, ensure that it is clean and in suitable condition for the next booking. The cost of a carwash will be reimbursed. Please provide your carwash receipt when returning the keys after use.
  4. Return the vehicle to the correct parking spot.  For the Dodge Caravan, Ford Ranger and Prius this is stalls R273, R274 and R275 between MacMillan Building and the Frank Forward Building and for the Chevy Colorado it is behind the gate at Totem Field. Users who park in the incorrect parking stalls will be asked to move them immediately, and will be responsible for any costs incurred from ticketing or towing.  A financial penalty may be applied to your speedchart for repeated infractions.
  5. A Vehicle Report form is also included in the keychain; complete the form to report damage to the vehicle or provide other comments (i.e. cleanliness of the interior).  Please notify lewis.fausak@ubc.ca by email that a form has been completed along with any photographs of vehicle damage.  These forms will be picked up from finance by the technician responsible each week.

Fees and Charges:

  1. External bookings made by any non-LFS faculty of staff member will be charged a fee of $40 per day.
  2. Vehicle mileage will be charged at the current rate of $0.70 per kilometres driven, effective January 1, 2024.
  3. Pets and smoking are NOT permitted in any vehicle at any time. Any breach of this will result in a loss of privileges and a $100 fee imposed to your speedchart.
  4. Please ensure that vehicles are returned in a clean condition, inside and out. Failure to do so will result in a minimum of $50 charge to the user’s speedchart. It is the responsibility of the previous user to keep the car clean. Thus, it is imperative that if the current user receives a vehicle in less than clean condition, he/she must report this before the vehicle is taken from the parking lot. Failure to do so may result in a cleaning charge to the current user’s speedchart.


  1. Late Return Fees:  If a vehicle is returned beyond the time booked, a late fee of $50.00 will be accessed to the users Speed Chart. Vehicles returned late pose difficulties for the next user. A grace period of 30 minutes will be afforded to all vehicles users. Exceptions to this policy will be applied if it is deemed that the user has encountered difficulties in returning the vehicle on time due to mechanical problems (i.e. flat tire) or problems beyond their control (i.e. traffic delays, construction delays). If a vehicle is returned late a second time the late fee will be doubled, the fee will be tripled if a vehicle is returned late a third time. Beyond this period of “late returns” borrowing privileges will be suspended.
  2. Vehicles must be used for UBC business purposes only. If they are being used for purposes other than LFS related matters, and the driver has an accident, the driver will be held liable and his or her insurance premiums will increase. If the vehicle is being used for LFS purposes and the driver has an accident, the university will be held liable and its insurance premiums will increase. The $500 deductible will be charged to the unit responsible.
  3. Any accident must be reported immediately.  The driver must complete the Vehicle Accident Report located in the glove compartment of each vehicle.  An online version of this report is available at http://rms.ubc.ca/insurance/insurance-programs/automobile-insurance/.  Follow the instructions in the accident report on how to report a claim to ICBC and when to notify additional services, such as RCMP.  The driver must notify their supervisor of the incident as well as Lewis Fausak (lewis.fausak@ubc.ca) and Andy Jeffries (andy.jeffries@ubc.ca).  If the vehicle has sustained damage that renders it undrivable, the vehicle is to be towed to the correct parking spot or alternate approved location. 
  4. All traffic violations, including parking fines and speeding tickets, are the sole responsibility of the person requesting use of the vehicle.


  1. Vehicles will be checked by an LFS technician on a monthly basis for general drivability, including fluid levels, tire pressure, and a visual check for damage or leaks.
  2. If the vehicle has been booked for more than one day, the user is responsible for checking the above items.
  3. If the exterior of the vehicle becomes excessively dirty during use, it is the user’s responsibility to clean the vehicle prior to its return. Please see the "Acceptable Use" section of this policy.
  4. All defects must be reported using the Vehicle Report identified in list item Acceptable use #5 above and forwarded to lewis.fausak@ubc.ca.
  5. Vehicles must be returned within a minimum of ½ tank of fuel. Vehicle users are encouraged to fill up the fuel tank. Reimbursements up to $50 will be processed upon submission of the original itemized receipt to LFS Finance Office MCM254.


  1. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is locked and all lights are out when left unattended. Unless otherwise advised, vehicles must be parked in “O” lot directly behind the MacMillan building (Stalls R273, R274and R275 ONLY).
  2. Users unable to return vehicle keys until the next business day are required to leave a message at one of the following numbers. Outstanding keys must be returned no later than 9:00AM the following day:
    • Finance Office (Room 254) – Vicky Zhang 604-822-2193
    • Faculty Technician – Lewis Fausak 604-816-5641

In the Event of an Accident:

  1. Please fill out the UBC Vehicle Accident Report Form in the event of an accident.

POLICY #LFS201 - Space

Policy Statement:

It is the intention of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems to provide space for full-time faculty members, full-time staff members, graduate students, Sessional Lecturers, academic Visitors, and Professors Emeriti who hold appointments with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Types of Space

Since space is at a premium, we must make every effort to use all space within the Faculty domain efficiently and effectively.  Following are the types of spaces available, followed by the needs to be met:

Office Space

  • Faculty space (single occupancy): Full-time faculty members.
  • Faculty space (double or shared occupancy):
    • Part-time faculty members
    • Sessional Lecturers
    • Academic Visitors
    • Professors Emeriti (active)
  • Staff Space: Applicable space will be assigned as availability permits.
  • Other Space (shared occupancy):
    • Research Associates
    • Postdoctoral Fellows
    • Ph.D. students
    • Masters students

Research SpaceProgram Directors, in consultation with the Dean, will decide on appropriate research space.

Note:  It is the responsibility of each person allotted space in the Faculty to ensure that all personal and work-related property be removed within 3 months of his/her appointment ending date.  After this period, any remaining property will be disposed of at the discretion of the FSC.


The Faculty Space Committee (FSC) is the mechanism by which all space decisions are made and implemented.  In the case of “difficult” or “contentious” decisions, the FSC will make a recommendation to the Faculty Core Team who in turn will make the final decision.

Faculty and staff members make space requests to the FSC by completing and submitting the Space Request Form(MCML | FNH) to the Chair of the FSC.  Space requests should be submitted at least 3 months in advance.


  1. Full-time Faculty Members: Each full-time faculty member shall be assigned one office.  In some cases where joint appointments exist or laboratories and main offices are in different buildings, exceptions may be made if space is available.
  2. Full-time Staff Members: Each full-time staff member shall be assigned office space as available.  If a staff member requires private space for confidentiality, it will be assigned as available.  [Note that meeting rooms are also available for booking confidential meetings if required (see landfood.ubc.ca under Faculty & Staff – Bookings).
  3. Graduate Students: Each graduate student registered in the Faculty shall be provided with a desk and chair, and access to the UBC computer network.
  4. Sessional Lecturers: Each Sessional Lecturer hired by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems will be offered shared work space for the term they are serving as a Sessional.  Access to the UBC computer network will be available.
  5. Academic Visitors: Each academic Visitor (Visiting Scholars, Scientists, Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors) will be assigned space similar to that provided to Sessional Lecturers.  There is no guarantee that space will be available for all visitors, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests.
  6. Professors Emeriti: Each Professor Emeritus will be offered a shared office space, if available, upon retirement, provided that he/she uses this office space at least 2 days per week throughout the year, and until such time that he/she no longer has graduate students, research projects or teaching assignments.

Key Requisition Process

LFS faculty, staff, students and visitors who would like to request keys for the Point Grey campus must complete an online application form:  Access Request

Key requests from undergraduate students will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

After this application form has been submitted, applicants will automatically be sent an email of confirmation, and the applicants’ supervisor will be sent the form for review and confirmation.

Once the application is approved, a requisition will be made to the UBC Key Desk. Applicants will receive an email from the desk confirming receipt and later another email alerting them to pick up their keys at the Key Desk when they are ready.

  • The key requisition is valid for 30 days starting from the date when the Key Desk has notified the applicant that the key(s) is available.
  • A refundable deposit is required for each key to a maximum of $80.00 for all keys.
  • UBC Key Desk may take anywhere from one day to a few weeks from the date they receive the key requisition to provide the requested key(s), depending on availability.

If applicants have any questions regarding their key application, or if they don’t receive an email from the UBC Key Desk after one week regarding pick-up, they can reply to this ticket.

Key Return Process

It is the responsibility of the *key holder to assure that all relevant keys are returned and accounted for by the UBC Key Desk upon the key holder’s:

  1. Change of assignment of areas and rooms (labs, offices, buildings, etc).
  2. Transfer to another faculty within UBC.
  3. Termination of employment.

* The key holder is the person to whom the keys were issued and registered in the UBC Key Desk system. This can include, but is not exclusive to, faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Failure to return and to ensure keys are accounted for by the UBC Key Desk will result in LFS revoking and withholding access to key requests, any alarm codes, and keyless access.

Policy Statement

The Faculty of Land and Food Systems has some conference rooms and classroom meeting rooms available for use. All rooms are to be booked through the contacts listed below.

MacMillan Building (MCML)

To make a booking, please go to the Faculty’s website at https://lfs-my-2020.sites.olt.ubc.ca/booking/.  Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Meeting rooms may be booked by any LFS faculty or staff member (at no cost), or any non-LFS users for $300 per day (for a maximum of 4 hours per day).

Please note that there is a 24-hour (working days only) turn-around time for request confirmation. Please do not take a room without confirmation, as there may be a request ahead of yours that simply has not yet shown up on the booking page. If you wish to book and use the room in the same day, please contact the people below for the arrangement and confirmation.

Rooms must be returned to their original set-up upon vacating (cleaned up, garbage taken out, and locked).  A damage deposit of $200 for non-LFS users will be processed on a Journal Voucher.  Upon inspection, if a room is damaged or not cleaned, the damage deposit will not be returned; otherwise, the Journal Voucher will be destroyed.

Food, Nutrition and Health Building (FNH)

To make a booking, please visit https://lfs-my-2020.sites.olt.ubc.ca/booking/

Access to FNH Room 130 requires card and alarm code access. Obtaining an alarm code can take up to 3 business days.

Please forward JV payment to:
FNH Administrator fnh.admin@ubc.ca
2205 East Mall, Suite 230
Reference: FNH (**room number) rental fee/operations deposit – Speedchart: ECKZ

For rooms MCML 350 and MCML 139

Rebecca Lee
Dean's Office
Faculty of Land and Food Systems
The University of British Columbia
Ph: 604.822.1219
E-mail: dean.landfood@ubc.ca

For rooms MCML 258, and MCML 342 please contact:

LFS Student Services
MacMillan 344
Faculty of Land and Food Systems
The University of British Columbia
Ph: 604.822.2620
E-mail: students@landfood.ubc.ca


Available Buildings & Classrooms: MacMillan (MCML)Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH), or see full listingUBC Classroom Bookings
Tel: 604.822.9946
E-mail: classroomservices@students.ubc.ca

H.R. MacMillan Building

2357 Main Mall, V6T 1Z4  (UBC Campus Map)

Food Nutrition and Health Building

2205 East Mall, V6T 1Z4 (UBC Campus Map)

If you plan to ship packages from the Dean’s Office, please fill out the Sender Info Collection Form and read the instructions in the form. Depending on the contents and destination, you may need to fill in additional forms. Please email the form to dean.landfood@ubc.ca at least 2 business days before the planned shipment day. After the Sender Info Collection Form is received, further instructions and shipping fee estimates will be provided.

If your shipment doesn’t need special packaging or storage, you can come to the Dean’s Office to fill in the form and drop off the package (at least 2 business days before the planned shipment day).

For emergency shipments, please contact dean.landfood@ubc.ca to confirm if it can be arranged.

Shipping Forms:

  1. Sender Info Collection Form: to collecting shipping information.

The 3 forms below are provided after you fill out the Sender Info Collection Form.

  1. Letter of Contents Description: only for international shipment to describe the contents
  2. Info Required by Contents: a more detailed instructions on certain items
  3. Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA): a form needed to be filled when shipping toxic substance

These policies are specific to the Faculty of Land & Food Systems. For general UBC policies, see the University Council.

Can’t find the policy you are looking for? Check HR Policies, Finance Policies or Communications Policies.
To request a policy not seen here, contact Melanie Train, Faculty Liaison at melanie.train@ubc.ca.