Building Access

Every undergraduate student, graduate student, staff and faculty member must attend the building specific orientation to understand the general safety features and resources available within the faculty. Please fulfill the building specific orientation requirements and UBC/LFS mandatory training requirements prior to applying for access.

If you have any questions, contact the LFS operations team at

Building Specific Orientation

      MacMillan Building (and others)
      Food Nutrition and Health Building
    • FNH Building/Lab Site Orientation is required. Please contact Peter Hoffman at to schedule for the orientation.

Once all the Mandatory Training and building orientation are complete and uploaded to LFS Training Record Management System, you can then submit your request for a key/FOB/Alarm code using the links below. All labs and offices will be alarmed outside of regular building hours (Monday - Friday 7 AM - 5 PM).

Special Notes:

  • ALL USERS: If training records were not updated on LFS Training Record Management System at the time of Access Request, the process will be delayed until the applicant fulfills all training requirements specific to the area.
  • ALL LAB USERS: Please fulfill the specific chemical safety and/or biosafety training as soon as you can. The practical in person session will take up to weeks to schedule. Your key request to labs will not be granted until these trainings are complete. You are, however, allowed to work in the same lab with a senior researcher, who will fully supervise at all times before your training completion.

LFS Access Requests

For safety purposes, please keep all emergency access doors closed and shut at all times.
Working alone in the buildings after-hours and on weekends is NOT RECOMMENDED (as per WorkSafeBC regulations).

MacMillan Space Request

All members of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems are required to complete a space application form for space requests. Please refer to Policy #LFS201 Space Principles & Policies.

Please submit your request by filling out the survey:

MacMillan Space Request

Food, Nutrition and Health Space Request

We welcome additional comments about the current and projected use of space in the MacMillan Building and invite comments – these will be reviewed by the Dean’s Office.