Building Access

Every undergraduate student, graduate student, staff and faculty member must attend the building specific orientation to understand the general safety features and resources available within the faculty. Please fulfill the building specific orientation requirements and UBC/LFS mandatory training requirements prior to applying for access.

If you have any questions, contact the LFS operations team at

Building Specific Orientation

      MacMillan Building (and others)
      Food Nutrition and Health Building
    • FNH Building/Lab Site Orientation is required. Please contact Peter Hoffman at to schedule for the orientation. Undergraduate students: Please note you will not be issued key or card access to labs. You will need to arrange for access with your supervisor.

Once all the Mandatory Training and building orientation are complete and uploaded to LFS Training Record Management System, you can then submit your request for a key/FOB/Alarm code using the links below. All labs and offices will be alarmed outside of regular building hours (Monday - Friday 7 AM - 5 PM).

Special Notes:

  • ALL USERS: If training records were not updated on LFS Training Record Management System at the time of Access Request, the process will be delayed until the applicant fulfills all training requirements specific to the area.
  • ALL LAB USERS: Please fulfill the specific chemical safety and/or biosafety training as soon as you can. The practical in person session will take up to weeks to schedule. Your key request to labs will not be granted until these trainings are complete. You are, however, allowed to work in the same lab with a senior researcher, who will fully supervise at all times before your training completion.
  • Greenhouse access is managed by Plant Care Services, please contact Melina Biron:

Click here to fill the LFS Access Requests form

For safety purposes, please keep all emergency access doors closed and shut at all times.
Working alone in the buildings after-hours and on weekends is NOT RECOMMENDED (as per WorkSafeBC regulations).

FNH190/Pilot Plant Access Request

Like all LFS spaces, relevant LFS mandatory training must be completed and submitted to the TRMS LFS Training Records Management System (UBC VPN required when off campus).

FNH190/Pilot Plant specific usage requirements:

  1. Complete the FNH190 Code of Conduct form (revised Oct 2022)
  2. Book an in-person site specific training/orientation for FNH 190 (
    (Existing users must complete this orientation by November 1st 2022 to maintain currently approved access.)
  3. When the site-specific training is complete, the FNH 190 Code of Conduct form will be signed by all the required authorizers listed. You can then upload this to the TRMS.
  4. Once approved, submit the Pilot Plant Access form which details your needs and project details.
    1. This form will specify which equipment you require and allow for specific equipment training coordination with the appropriate “Super User”.
    2. This form will act as the main access request process. Once approved, card access will be granted for the length of the work/project.


  1. Per UBC Safety and Risk Services, undergraduate students are not issued key or card access to labs. Access is arranged with the supervisor.
  2. The Pilot Plant is a food safe environment, a high level of cleanliness and hygiene are imperative to the internal and external users of the space. Users who do not strictly follow the policies laid out in the FNH 190 Code of Conduct may have their access revoked. The space will be monitored daily for the adherence to these policies.
  3. The Pilot Plant access form can be submitted multiple times as additional projects and/or needs arise.
  4. Room 191 is considered a separate space on the access form. Please select this area only if you are part of the research group within this space.
  5. External users will have additional requirements including liability waivers and further oversight.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the process, please contact

MacMillan Space Request

All members of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems are required to complete a space application form for space requests. Please refer to Policy #LFS201 Space Principles & Policies.

Please submit your request by filling out the survey:

MacMillan Space Request

Food, Nutrition and Health Space Request

We welcome additional comments about the current and projected use of space in the MacMillan Building and invite comments – these will be reviewed by the Dean’s Office.

Has your UBC card expired? If yes, you will lose card access that was provisioned for you. You will need to apply for a new UBC card.

Please visit the UBC Card website, click Renew your UBC Card and upload a digital photo. Note: You can no longer drop by the UBC Bookstore to take a photo for your new card.

While you wait for your new card to be ready for pick up, please email to request a one-month extension on your expired card access.

When you receive your renewed card, please notify to ensure it has the same card access as your last card.

If you have a new UBC card with no card access provisions, please fill out the online LFS access request form first and then do the following:

  • For FNH card access, please bring your card to Patrick Leung in Room 230 at the Food, Nutrition and Health Building (2205 East Mall).
  • For MCML card access, please bring your card to Mona Lee in Room 248 at the H.R. MacMillan Building (2357 Main Mall).