This site is a guide on the Policies and Procedures for working in the away from campus on field research in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. All personnel who will be conducting research in an off campus field environment (farmer’s fields, forests, mining site etc.) please go through all the information, complete the required forms and training if needed, and contact if you have any concerns or questions.

Additional training may be required based on job title. Please review the LFS Minimum Safety Training Recommendations for all Workers for more information.

For students, staff and faculty in a laboratory, the below is required:

  • LFS Lab Guide last updated March 26, 2021
  • Note: A video is available at to supplement the LFS Lab Guide. Please consult with your lab manager or direct supervisor for lab specific safety features such as fire extinguishers, spill containment kit, eyewash and emergency shower.

After completion, the course completion certificates should be uploaded to LFS Training Record Management System using your CWL Login. Please note that if you try to access the webpage off campus, you must be connected via UBC VPN

A safe work procedure incorporates all the information from the risk assessment in a manner that allows one to carry out the task safely. It is a detailed record of the step by step process of how to conduct a task. Before writing a safe work procedure, there must be a completed Risk Assessment. Once the procedure is written, individuals need to be trained on the procedure and that training needs to be documented. A Safe Work Procedure template is available below to enable you to write a thorough procedure inclusive of all the required elements.

A generic template is available here: Safety and Risk Services Templates

A farm field work safety plan template is available here: LFS Fieldwork Safety Template

Upon completion, please submit the field work safety plan template to the chair of the Land and Food Systems Local Safety Team (