LFS Work Learn Program

Questions regarding this form should be directed to Mona Lee at mona.lee@ubc.ca

The internal deadline for Summer 2024 Work Learn applications is Friday, January 12, 2024 at 12:00 pm (noon).

Want to receive an $9-per-hour wage subsidy to hire a qualified and energetic student for your lab or office? Create career-related, on-campus work positions for students through the Work Learn Program.

Purpose of the Work Learn Program

The Work Learn Program supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on campus offering all current UBC students an opportunity to develop their professional skills in a working environment.

The student learning and experiential outcomes for these work experiences are mentorship opportunities, professional skill development and application of knowledge, developing a network, ownership and responsibility of work, self-awareness and reflection, as well as contributing to personal learning goals and the University as a whole.

Submitting your proposal

Proposals submitted for the Work Learn Program serve two purposes: (1) to apply for a subsidy from the program, and (2) as a clear and detailed job posting to communicate the work opportunity to students. To help describe and/or develop a work experience opportunity that meets the outcome based goals of the program we have developed a series of guiding questions.

Job Description

  • What are the student’s duties?
  • What is the level of supervision provided to the student?
  • What is the level of complexity of the tasks expected from the student?
  • How does this role relate to the goals of the unit/program?


  • What are the previous skills/knowledge that the student must possess in order to be successful in this position?
  • What is the education level required of the student (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, year level)?
  • What are the elements needed for a student to be a great fit for this position?

Student Learning Components

  • What kinds of orientation and training will the student receive?
  • What kinds of feedback and on-going support will the student receive?
  • What mentorship opportunities will be available for the student?
  • What kinds of encouragement and support for reflection will the student receive?
  • How does this position develop and enhance the student’s personal and professional development?
  • How does this position compliment classroom learning?
  • What opportunities does this position offer for the student to develop workplace skills or graduate competencies?
  • What opportunities are available for the student to expand their network?

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