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LFS Curriculum Change – January 15, 2023 Deadline

Time again to submit any Curriculum Change Proposals you are considering.

Proposals can include a variety of changes to an LFS course or program, from changing the title of a course to adding a new program.

The steps listed below are required prior to submitting your proposal.

Forward your Curriculum Change requests to Virginia Frankian, cc Sandra Brown, by Jan 15, 2023.

LFS Curriculum Change Process

Create the proposal using the Curriculum Proposal Form (2-Column form). You can find the guidelines here. See especially Appendix E.

Members of the LFS Curriculum Committee representing your disciplinary group can provide guidance and feedback prior to submitting your proposal form to the Committee. See Members list in the LFS Intranet here.

Get approval from your disciplinary group (e.g., applied animal biology, food science, food and resources economics group, etc.) followed by your corresponding Program (APBI, FRE, and FNH etc.). Graduate programs (e.g., SOIL, PLNT, HUNU, etc.) need to approve curriculum changes for their course codes. Cat 1 changes should be circulated and discussed prior to voting, while simpler Cat 2 changes may be decided by e-vote.

Submit the approved forms – following program approval, curriculum change forms should be compiled and submitted as a package to the LFS Curriculum Committee via Virginia Frankian (virginia.frankian@ubc.ca , cc sandra.brown@ubc.ca before the cut-off date. If needed, the Curriculum Committee will return the proposal to the originator for clarification or revision.

Proposals approved by the Committee will be presented to the LFS Faculty Council at its next meeting for approval.

Category 1 changes (e.g., new course and new degree program): a proposal approved by the Faculty Council typically requires external unit and library consultation, and budgetary approval. Subsequently, the proposal will be submitted to the Senate Curriculum Sub-committee, then to the Senate Curriculum Committee and finally to the Senate for approval.

Category 2 changes: a proposal approved by the Faculty Council will be submitted to the relevant Senate Curriculum Sub-Committee for approval.

The Curriculum Proposal review and approval process is a long one, especially for Category 1 changes. Items may be sent back to the originator for corrections at any level. Some Proposals require consultations with parties outside UBC.

For these reasons, it is important to plan and submit your proposal as early as possible.

Random Acts of Recognition

Congratulations to Random Acts recipient:

Adrienne Leung of the Learning Centre for creating the FNH Alumni digital display of archived class composites. The interactive display can be viewed in Atrium of the FNH Building.

To nominate a faculty member, staff or graduate student that’s been doing an outstanding job or has gone above and beyond in some way, send an email to lfs.recognition@ubc.ca and tell us why this person should be recognized, along with the recipient’s email. We’ll send them a $6 Starbucks gift card and acknowledge their good work in LFS Today.


Dec. 12 – Panel Session: Health, Equity and Climate Change in the Classroom

In this panel session, we will hear from faculty members from various disciplines who are currently working on curriculum projects that explore the intersection of climate change, sustainability and healthy communities. The discussion will focus on their experience developing and implementing curriculum that combines themes of wellbeing and equity with the health and resilience of the natural ecosystems that sustain human life.

December 12, 2022
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm


Jan. 25 – BC Agriculture Council Networking Event

BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) is thrilled to be welcoming back its premier industry networking event in person for the first time in three years – and it’s going to look a little different. To ensure our guests are aware of the changes to the event and know what to expect in advance of the evening, please read on.

The event will welcome over 500 farmers, ranchers, and supporters from across the province to celebrate the agriculture sector in British Columbia.

January 25, 2023

Abbotsford, BC
Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre

More information


Dec. 9 – Call for proposals to the Ministry of Health Research Seed Grant Program

The Ministry of Health Research Seed Grant Program provides funding for BC universities to produce research that responds to pertinent health-related questions identified by the ministry. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Faculty of Medicine and UBC Health are offering researchers up to $50,000 to carry out a research project.

If you want to generate new research that responds to the Ministry of Health’s current needs, submit a Notice of Intent by 12:00pm on December 9.

Learn more about the research questions, program goals, and opportunities.

Find out more

Dec. 15 – Free Statistical Consultation: 2022/23

Under the supervision of Statistics professors, Statistics students will provide free project-specific data analysis, including a formal written report, as part of their STAT 450 and 550 practicum consulting courses that will run next term. Submissions are accepted now until Dec 15. To apply, send a 1-page project description (see sample) to asda@stat.ubc.ca. For more information on the courses, please visit the Dept. of Statistics website.

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