Multimedia Use

Sign Out, Return Procedures and Security

Booking is on-line. Equipment is intended for use in the specific building it is housed in. There are no overnight or extended signouts except by special arrangement. Routinely, borrowers are expected to pick up and return AV equipment themselves. Only by arrangement and if time permits are staff able to deliver equipment.

New users should arrange with staff ahead of time for instructions on use and help with initial set-up. Faculty members must take personal responsibility for the booking, sign out and return of AV equipment. Graduate students may do so with the endorsement of their instructor or supervisor. In general, undergraduate students are not allowed to book or sign out equipment; their advisor or instructor must do this personally. Borrowers must sign the log book.

A check-in and check-out policy is in place for all AV resources. We will work with you to ensure everything is in order when you sign items out and when you return them. This will help us with maintenance, and tracking, and determining responsibility for lost and damaged items.

Equipment must be returned by the due time so as not to hold up the next user. Failure to do so may result in loss of borrowing privileges. Note that MCML classrooms 154, 158, 160, 166 and 260 have built-in LCD projectors. Rooms 160 and 166 have wireless microphones.


Because of high demand, please observe the following rules:

  • Do not overbook equipment. Book only for the exact time you require. Equipment must be picked up and returned as scheduled.
  • Users may not book equipment overnight without permission from the Director of the Learning Centre.
  • Any special requests need to be arranged with and approved by the Director of the Learning Centre.
  • If you don’t need equipment that you have booked, you must cancel your booking immediately.
  • If equipment is not picked up within 30 minutes of the scheduled time and no notice is received, the booking is assumed to be canceled. Other bookings by a “no show” user will need to be confirmed or may also be canceled.
  • Users are responsible for the security of the equipment and for returning it clean and in working order. Any damage or problems must be reported at check in.


Accessing the Equipment


The entry door to MCM 268 is equipped with an electronic access system. Please visit the Learning Centre to find out how you can get a key FOB.

MCML 268 is alarmed and the security system autoarms at 7:00pm every evening and disarms at 7:00 am Mondays through Fridays. The alarm is on throughout the weekend. Those requiring access during “armed” periods must obtain an electronic key FOB from staff.


FNH users sign-out equipment using the red binder in FNH room 230. This office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Bookings for equipment must be done through the online system.

Flip charts, laser pointer, overhead projectors, slide projectors, and a VCR are not booked online but should be signed out at the main office. These are available on a first come basis.

Note that FNH room 60 has a built-in LCD projector and VCR with inputs for connecting a computer or other video sources. Controls and the VCR are located at the front podium A wireless microphone is available on request.

The conference phone connects to any regular phone jack. Please note that not all rooms in the building have active phone jacks.

Damage Report and Other Feedback

Users must report any and all damage to the staff in MCML268 or FNH 230. If no one is available when you are returning the equipment, leave a note describing the damage and problem. The damage report must provide: the user’s name, supervisor’s name (if applicable), equipment name, nature of damage, and contact information. On a case-by-case basis we may seek cost recovery from borrowers for losses or damage. Oral or written feedback and suggestions are welcome at any time.

Getting Help

If the equipment does not work as expected and the attached instructions do not provide information to solve the problem, users can get help from staff. If no staff member is present at the time, call for assistance using their cell phone numbers. A staff member will come as soon as possible to help with emergency problems. For other needs, they will arrange a time to meet with you.

How to Reach Staff

Edmund Seow (McML)
Patrick Leung (FNH)