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In a co-taught course, both instructors are active in the course throughout the term, while in a pass-the-baton course the individual instructors teach distinct modules of the course (e.g., instructor 1 may teach modules 1-3, and instructor 2 may teach modules 4-6).

A combined undergrad / grad class is a joint undergraduate and graduate course taught using common lectures but with graduate students assigned additional or more in-depth assessments, readings etc.

Even though you do not "lecture" in the traditional sense, you should enter your scheduled contact hours with students under lecture.

The annual cap on directed studies credit that can be accrued by an instructor is set at 0.75 points. This value was agreed upon by program directors, and may be revisited in the future. Please note that in the past, directed studies courses were considered as service.

Classes above 50 students get a large class points increment of 0.003 per student above 50.

In the current implementation of the calculator, different instructor led teaching approaches are consider equivalent.

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