Shared Offices Booking

The Faculty recognizes the importance of office access to some individuals for quiet working environment, online course deliveries and/or research needs. In order to main safe occupancy in shared office, we ask that you check this online booking calendar to ensure the office is available during the date/time you would like access.

It is important that you have submitted your regular or one-off office use request to and have received an approval from the committee.

Please note that the shared offices have different safe occupancy limits and due to the limitation of the calendar booking system, we have used a creative way to allow multiple user booking for one room. If a room A can safely accommodate 3 users, you will see A-1, A-2, A-3 on the booking system. As long as one of these is not booked for the day/time you intend to use, you are welcome to submit a request to to use the office space.

MCML/FNH Shared Offices Booking Calendar

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