Shared Offices Booking

The Faculty recognizes the importance of office access to graduate students for quiet working environment, online course deliveries and/or research needs. In order to ensure efficient use of desk space in these shared offices, we ask that you use this online booking calendar to reserve a desk under your professors/PIs during the date/time you would like to access.

Please note that the booking is set up with the room # and the assigned professors/PIs’ names. For example, a desk in MCML 318D that is assigned to LFS will be put as MCML 318D LFS-1. Please respect the desk space assigned to each professor/PI. If you observe some empty desks in the room and would like to use them for a short period, please reach out to the professor/PI for permission. For those marked as LFS, you are welcome to use this calendar to book the desks for use. We do ask that you book it at most a week at a time to ensure other users have equal opportunity for desk use in these graduate student spaces. 

For any challenges or feedback, please submit it anonymously to or email to

MCML/FNH Shared Offices Booking Calendar

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