All staff and graduate students are required to complete safety training. Please refer to the LFS Minimum Safety Training Recommendations for all Workers as a guideline.

All students (undergraduate and graduate) who will be conducting research in a laboratory environment are required to complete a safety orientation. Contact Peter Hoffman to arrange for attending the FNH Lab Safety Orientation. Key and card access to labs will not be granted until this is completed.

All building access doors must remain closed and secured at all times. If you are the last one to leave a lab or office space after office hours, you are responsible for securing all windows and doors, and re-arming the space.

Please do not prop open exterior doors or interior fire doors at any time.

The following guides are provided to supplement and summarize the necessary training for each individual:

Please note that key/card access will NOT be granted until the safety orientation is complete and documented.

  • First aid for employees at UBC Vancouver campus is provided campus-wide 24/7 by a mobile service (Vancouver Fire Department) by calling 604-822-4444 (or 2-4444 from a University telephone).In the event of an emergency, call 911 first and then first aid at 604-822-4444.
  • Eye wash stations, safety showers and chemical spill treatment kits are located in all FNH Labs.
  • Fire extinguishers are located in every lab and hallway. Be aware of the different types of extinguishers and their uses.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are located in every lab.

If somebody is seriously injured at FNH, call 911, explain the nature of the injuries, and give location with address and room number. The address at FNH (for fire and accidents) is 2205 East Mall, UBC Vancouver. Remember afterwards to fill out an accident report for Worksafe BC. Supervisors of the person involved in the accident and incident must fill complete the required accident/incident investigation report (CAIRS).

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911


In case of FIRE, pull the nearest fire alarm. Close the doors behind you as you exit a room. Follow the nearest exit route, and then call 911. Give them the full address of the building (2205 East Mall for FNH), and the room number where the fire began.

In case of a gas leak the same procedure as in a fire should be followed except you should try to close the gas valve in your laboratory if it is accessible. Report the source/room of the leak to Peter/Patrick.

FNH: Meet across the street on East Mall in front of the School of Population and Public Health.

Remain at your designated meeting location until everyone has been accounted for.

Major Spills

Call 911

FNH Local Safety Team

Patrick Leung (Chairman /FNH Safety Director) 604-822-2793
Peter Hoffman (Lab Technician)  604-822-4601
Barbara Stefanska (Faculty Rep)
Lisa Palmer