Faculty Websites


Faculty members, student groups and project managers interested in creating sub-sites (i.e. for labs, research projects, etc) should consult with our Web Communications Coordinator for template information. Design must adhere to the Faculty common look and feel (CLF) (an example of which can be found at landfood.ubc.ca), which in turn complies with the UBC common look and feel.

Additionally, a link back to the LFS website and analytics tracking code should be included.

UBC’s Communications and Marketing office has released a new version of the UBC Common Look and Feel (CLF), which relies on responsive web design to automatically optimize a webpage for both desktop and mobile viewing.

A guide to the new responisve CLF can be found at http://clf.ubc.ca/.  The LFS Web Team is currently working with stakeholders to migrate existing LFS sites to the new CLF.

Responsive websites use the dimensions of a user’s device display to optimize the page for viewing on large desktop devices, or small mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

Domain Names (Vanity URLs)

To allow for greater flexibility and federated control of content, the domain names of Faculty sub-sites (such as lab pages, research projects) should appear with the lab/research project title (aka “sub-domain”) before the Faculty’s name, i.e. http://wine.landfood.ubc.ca(as opposed to http://landfood.ubc.ca/wine).

Subdomains of landfood.ubc.ca must only be used to communicate Faculty and UBC business. Please see our IT department (it@landfood.ubc.ca) to create an custom domain (URL).