MacMillan LST

All building access doors must remain closed and secured at all times. If you are the last one to leave a lab or office space after office hours, you are responsible for securing all windows and doors, and re-arming the space.

Please DO NOT PROP OPEN exterior doors or interior fire doors at any time!

Building Hours:

    • Mon – Fri 07:00 – 18:00
    • Sat/Sun/Holidays CLOSED

Outside of building hours, access to building is ONLY through FOB-designated entrances.

In the event of an emergency, call 911 first and then first aid at 604-822-4444.


  • Pull the nearest fire alarm.
  • Close the doors behind you as you exit a room.
  • Follow the nearest exit route, and then call 911.
    • Give them the full address of the building (2357 Main Mall), and the room number where the fire began.
  • Wait for emergency personnel outside the main entrance of the building
    • Provide SDS if necessary


  • Same as FIRE.
    • If possible, you should try to close the gas valve in the laboratory.
  • Report the source/room of the leak to operations team.


  • Evacuate the affected area. Shut down equipment.
  • Isolate area and prevent re-entry.
  • Call 911.
    • Give them the full address of the building (2357 Main Mall), and the room number where the spill occurs.
    • Provide the following information: any injuries, chemical name, quantity, hazards
  • Wait for emergency personnel outside the main entrance of the building.
    • Provide SDS
  • Inform supervisor and operations team


  • If someone is seriously injured, call 911, explain the nature of the injuries, and give location with address (2357 Main Mall) and room number. Supervisors of the person involved in the accident or incident must complete the required accident report via Centralized Accident/Incident Reporting System (CAIRS).
  • For other work-related injuries, inform operations team after receiving treatment and check JOHSC for further information.


On Main Mall, between MacLeod and Computer Science Buildings

  • The Building Emergency Response Plan is also available for your reference
  • Eye wash stations, safety showers and chemical spill containment kits are located in all laboratories. The chemical spill treatment kit is located in room 208.
  • Fire extinguishers are located in every lab and hallway. Be aware of the different types of extinguishers and their uses.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets are located in each laboratory.

Local Safety Team (LST)

Member Name Role; Occupation(s) Contact Email Contact Number
Lewis Fausak LST Chair; Technician, APBI 604-822-4877
Imelda Cheung Technician, FNH 604-827-0344
Carly McGregor Lab manager, APBI -
Peter Kalynyak Totem Field Technician 604-822-2528
Thorsten Knipfer LST Faculty Rep; Assistant Professor 604-827-0929
Sylvia Leung Buyer 604-822-3454
Samuel Holden Lab manager -
Alan Lee Lab Coordinator -
Jack Edgar Lab manager -
Andy Jeffries Faculty Operations Manager 604-822-3488

UBC Emergency and Resource Contact

Emergency Contact Contact Number
Fire, Ambulance, Police, Hazardous Material Response 911
UBC Campus Security (24/7) 604-822-2222
UBC Central First Aid 604-822-4444
Poison Control Center 604-682-5050
AMS Safewalk 604-822-5355
Resource Contact Contact Number
Access & Diversity 604-822-5844
Ambulance (non-emergency) 604-872-5151
AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre 604-827-5180
Building Operatios Call Centre (Trouble Calls) 604-822-2173
Counselling Services – Employee & Family Assistance Plan 1-800-387-4765
Equity & Inclusion Office 604-822-6353
Fire Department (Fire Prevention) 311
Office of the Ombudsperson for Students 604-822-6149
RCMP – University Detachment 604-224-1322
Safety Risk Services 604-822-2029
Sexual Violence Prevention & Response 604-822-1588
Student Health Services 604-822-7011